GPD Win2 Third Cooling Mod - Complete

GPD Win2 Third Cooling Mod - Complete

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GPD Win2 is the best Win10 handheld game console you can get right now. The official default thermal design power is 7w TDP, but if you want to get the best performance of Win2, you need use 12w TDP to run it. But CPU will be very hot when use 12w TDP, so a cooling module was redesigned to replace the original cooling module, ot make it so you can run for a long time with 12w TPD, and so you can get CPU temperatures very low. You can also get lower back shell temperature for better comfort when gaming.

The cooling mod is complete and includes the SSD Cooling with the replacement bottom shell piece for the GPD Win 2. ( $188 USD Value )

The shell type is "wollen".

* The package includes everything included in the picture

For more info on product, the IGG campaign is still going on. You can get more info at:

hese cooling mod versions are made for 8100y.
Do not buy this for an Indigogo First launch model !